1. Is the SEEDC a State Government program?

No. It is a Federal Government Sponsored Program through the Central Bank of Nigeria where State Governments are partners.

  1. How long is the Training?

It is a 3 Months intensive training with professionals in various fields of endeavours to equip trainees with Entrepreneurship knowledge and practical experiences.

  1. Will there be Certification after the training?

Yes! Your Bankable Business plan will be used for evaluation for your Certification.

  1. Will there be examination?

No. Your approved Bankable business plan is the evaluation we need.

  1. Does SEEDC fund trainees after graduation?

The SEEDC’s core responsibility is to train aspiring entrepreneurs to become self-employed and employers of labor. SEEDC provides insight into the tools, techniques and framework for functional enterprise development and in achieving this SEEDC exposes trainees to myriads sources of funds.

  1. Does the SEEDC provide accommodation for trainees that come from outside their locations?

 Participants shall be responsible for their accommodation and feeding throughout the duration of the training program. However, there is a highly affordable students’ lodge operated by a SEEDC partner which is recommended by the Centre.

  1. The funds when assessed is it a grant?

The funds are single digit loans.

  1. Assuming I came for the training not the funds will be certified?

Yes provided you draft a bankable business plan.

  1. Who can apply for the training?

Anyone with  a minimum of O’level certificate can participate in the program.

  1. What Kind of Businesses can be funded?

Any business that is legally permitted by the laws of Federal Republic of Nigeria.

  1. Must I have a CAC Registration?

No. Entrepreneurs will be guided on business registration and its benefits.

  1. How safe are my business ideas when submitted?

SEEDC will not disclose confidential information to any unauthorized person, firm or organization, except as required by the CBN and the law.